Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Our time is valuable and no one likes to be disappointed. These words can be said for just about anything. We do our research when we buy a car or a house; we ask our friends and
family for recommendations when searching for a new cellular provider, eye doctor or a new restaurant to try for a special occasion. If we are disappointed with an outcome, we tell anyone who will listen about our bad experience and what a waste of time it was.

When a prospect chooses us to help them with their life insurance needs, they've already done their research and may have come to you because of a recommendation. We ask all the right questions to get a good financial picture that helps our prospect choose the right death benefit amount and product type for their planning situation, but we tend to shy away from the health aspects of placing that prospect's insurance with the proper carrier for the best possible classification. 

We know that health and mortality play a huge role in the underwriting process, and we can't possibly know anything about our prospect's health history just by looking at them. So why do we tread lightly on the subject of our prospect's overall health when it comes to the application process? Why do we insist on wasting valuable time for a disappointing outcome?

Gathering the proper health information at the beginning of the process is just as important as gathering the proper financial information for a complete picture. MVP has the tool you need to help you get the right offer from the right carrier the first time for all of your life insurance prospects.

Use MVP's Underwriting Criteria Questionnaire at the beginning of every meeting with your life insurance prospects – If this questionnaire reveals any health, avocation or family history obstacles – MVP can help you beat those obstacles at the beginning of the case, and you can then give your client a more accurate view of their life insurance options at the start of the sale and before you take the application.

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