Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still Strong and Committed to Your Business

Throughout MVP’s history we have enjoyed a strong relationship with our carrier partner AIG and
American General Life Insurance Company. During our country’s economic crisis and AIG’s government loan, American General’s commitment to price, service and product remained strong. Today, at a time when other carriers are increasing their prices, American General has made two startling announcements.

The first, is the total payback of their government loan, which means your money has been re-paid. You may see their statements and their new commitments to the future during many of your favorite television shows.

The second, is a reduction in their term premiums by an average of 9%. This means you will see American General at the top of the quote more often in the term cases you work on with MVP. They are in a market leading position for the crucial 20- and 30- year term segments. In fact, 50% of their premium rates are in the top three and more than 80% are in the top five within the industry. Their overall competitive position remains very strong.

MVP is delighted to have American General back and strong again. We hope you will welcome them and their commitment to your business.