Monday, December 9, 2013

Hit Your Year-End Targets

You've worked hard all year and year-end deadlines are approaching fast. So you will want to make sure everything is submitted in good order to minimize delays.

To help keep you on track, we have put carrier deadlines on our website's MVP Events Calendar, and we encourage you to contact your office/representative for help with any particularly difficult situations. 

Use these helpful reminders and tips too:

  1. Clearly identify any premium mode changes in a cover letter.
  2. Make sure all changes are initialed by the policy owner.
  3. Contact MVP to determine if the policy change will require a reissue.
  4. Submit all pages of delivery requirements and applicable supplements.
  5. Make sure the correct signature and title are on trust- or corporate-owned policies.
  6. Double check that all policy owner's signatures and your own agent signature with dates are filled in.
  7. Include policy numbers(s) on checks and clearly indicate if premium is to be split among multiple policies.