Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy New Year!

The past year has seen numerous changes in our business. The continued low interest environment has forced some of our carriers to cease selling life and long term care insuranceThe differences and difficulties in our state and federal governments have created turmoil in watchdog groups such as the Department of Labor.

During our winter meetings, all MVP associates pledged to be proactive, timely and transparent in all aspects of our business. MVP will continue our commitment to help you be more efficient and profitable by keeping you informed and protected while working closely with you and your staff. 
This year and into the future MVP will make every effort to help you insure your customers for a lifetime. Term insurance may bring peace of mind initially, but less than 2% of term policies are ever in force at time of death. MVP believes that many of our society's current financial problems would be resolved with greater savings, more permanent life insurance, and use of living benefits riders.
Our national brokerage partner, AimcoR, has created documents and protection against the Department of Labor mandates for Fiduciaries that requires adoption this April. While there may be hope that the new President and Congress will repeal some of these mandates, you and MVP cannot hide from or ignore the possibility the mandates will remain in place. Call us and be protected.
In addition, MVP has invested in a fantastic software system to help us analyze company products on your behalf. LifeTrends provides MVP unique product analytics, positioning and benchmarking data that we believe will add credibility to you when discussing your recommendations with your customers and other advisors.
Finally, MVP continues to support your underwriting concerns as well as your marketing initiatives with our full time impaired risk specialist, Kristie Carlsen, our experienced case managers, and our Marketing Director, Sherri Hellenbrand.
We truly look forward to growing our relationship with you this coming year. Be sure to ask your MVP Team about the upcoming all-expense paid trip to Los Cabos, Mexico!