Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Will You Do Your Part in September?

It's hard to believe that we are into the middle of August already. All the signs of September are prominent in all the back to school ads, and it will be here before we know it! September brings with it cooler temperatures, the start of football, and in our industry, Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM).

The non-profit LIFE Foundation has produced this month-long national ad campaign to educate the public about the value of life insurance and to give you an opportunity to use LIAM to help market your practice and get in front of more clients.

To help you make the most of the LIAM marketing opportunity, LIFE has created the LIAM Producer eKit, which has many marketing resources including:
  • A flyer and video featuring the story of Buddy ‘Cake Boss’ Valastro, master baker, reality TV star, and this year’s LIAM spokesperson.
  • Sales ideas
  • Free downloadable flyers, eCards and embeddable videos
  • Themed-marketing resources
  • A social media planning toolkit
  • …and much, much more!
To assist you further, many of MVP's carriers have developed their own campaigns around LIAM and we would by happy to point you in the right direction.

We challenge you to do your part this September to help more Americans obtain the coverage they need to protect their loved ones.