Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Real-Life Solution in 2018

Well now, that was a year! The talking heads have already enjoyed analyzing what occurred over the 365 days of 2017…

The stock market continues an unprecedented rise, while the nation experiences very reasonable unemployment numbers.

Congress has finally passed an income tax relief package. The effect of this legislation will not be fully known for most people until the end of 2018.

Many of the powerful people we have listened to or watched have admitted their human failings, after causing others tremendous pain.

The United States seems to be the target of nature’s fury. Hurricanes, droughts, fires, floods and blizzards. And mass killings are no longer isolated events.

But life goes on for the average person, and our responsibility continues to center around the protection of families and businesses.

Would things be different if everyone owned life insurance? Life insurance: the miracle of creating an instant estate with a signature. An instant pot of income-tax-free money for the people we love, or to the people we owe money to, or to assure that our business can continue without us, if we can't fulfill our promises due to premature death.

And, the amazing value of our product continues to improve. We now have the ability to access that same bucket of money for sustained health care costs. The escalating costs that our elected officials, our medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies cannot contain.

Oh, by the way, we have products that now allow access to the face amount of our policies if we live too long and need the benefit while we are alive. SERIOUSLY!

During times of uncertainty and stress, we can be and should be a calming, re-assuring voice.

MVP Financial welcomes your partnership and looks forward to being the real-life solution for the protection of your customers in 2018.

Happy New Year!