Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Electronic Age we Live in

It's everywhere we look... iPhones, iPads, computers, our TVs and even in our cars. Love it or hate it, we are living in an electronic world. Our industry is no different. We have the ability to quote, write and deliver life insurance electronically from just about anywhere. We have QuickApps, e-Apps, iGo and ePolicy. If we choose, we don't have to pick up a pen or print out an application ever again.

Choosing to conduct your business electronically may sound too high-tech or even confusing, but e-Apps are the faster, easier way to submit your business with MVP carriers in today's electronic world. You can become more effective and efficient AND increase your revenues.

Don't Waste Another Minute Completing an Application by Hand! With easy access from your desk/lap top or smart phone/tablet, e-Apps are your ticket to success.

On Thursday, October 17, we want to show you how to shorten cycle times, improve your placement ratio and enhance your revenue, and we will do this in just 30 helpful minutes.

Just join our WebEx at 8:45 AM CT on Thursday, October 17.