Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Retirement Help for Generations

It's National Retirement Planning Week... Retirement planning varies by generation and can be a struggle to find the right approach for each one. However, once you understand the similarities as well as the differences, you can be better prepared to serve all your clients/generations effectively. The more you know about the needs, attitudes, and behaviors of each generation, the better you may be at understanding how to help them achieve their retirement goals.

Like most advisors, your focus has probably been zeroed in on the Baby Boomer generation when it comes to helping your clients with retirement planning. It may be time to start focusing on the younger generations in order to grow or maintain your current practice. As affluent Millennials and Gen Xers age and inherit wealth, they become good candidates for an advisory relationship when looking to protect wealth and secure retirement. 

Maintaining a successful practice is about adapting to change. There are many ways advisors can position themselves to better serve the financial needs of all generations. Use these carrier resources to help get you started.