Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Review and Grow in 2022

Do you want to reinforce your value and grow your practice in 2022? Research continues to prove that policy reviews are an excellent way for advisors to connect with clients, yet many are not making the most of this valuable opportunity.

80% of clients find annual review meetings to be very effective, and almost all say it strengthens loyalty to their advisor. Four in five clients report the review meetings reinforce their willingness to make a referral.

64 million Americans are looking for an advisor they can trust. If you want to strengthen and grow your practice this year, diversify your business plan and your clients’ portfolios with life insurance. A policy review discussion is the perfect segue to other topics and more sales opportunities. 

Identify clients who are likely to have in-force life insurance policies or simply ask if they own life insurance beyond what their employer provides. Ask them if their life insurance still reflects their current protection needs and financial goals? 

Set yourself apart from the competition by emphasizing the unique value a policy review provides. We have the tools to help you get started and ensure your reviews live up to your clients' expectations. Check out our policy review resources here

The future is filled with opportunity and we are committed to your success. Contact your MVP Financial representative with any questions or assistance you need. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Selling LTC: Your Vantage Point is Your Opportunity

Many of your clients believe that Medicare and Medicaid will cover their long-term care needs. However, relying on these government run programs will most likely leave your clients and prospects without the level of care they need or expect. If your clients eventually need help with activities of daily living like eating, bathing, getting dressed, getting around or personal hygiene, Medicare or Medicaid won’t cover those services. Only private long-term care insurance will help them pay for that. 

It’s important for you to learn what your clients know about long-term care and if they’ve thought about how they would want to be cared for if the need arose. Recent data shows that clients want to talk about long-term care with their families, but they tend to fall short. A recent Lincoln study found 97% of Americans surveyed agreed that families should be talking about long-term care before it’s needed. However, for reasons that range from misinformation to individual feelings toward caregiving, many fail to initiate the conversation. Without this knowledge, it’s almost impossible for you to help your clients plan properly. 

You have the vantage point to be a catalyst for leading the long-term care conversation.

November is Long-Term Care Insurance Awareness Month, and the prefect time to facilitate the long-term care discussion. According to the 2021 Insurance Barometer Study conducted by Life Happens and LIMRA, the top financial concern for 25% of Baby Boomers is paying for long-term care services if they can’t take care of themselves, and more than a quarter of Millennials want to talk to an advisor about long-term care insurance. Nevertheless, only 18% of people own some type of long-term care insurance, and the market for long-term care coverage continues to grow as the population of older consumers increases… This is your opportunity!

You don’t have to be a long-term care insurance expert because MVP Financial can help. Contact a representative today and check out our long-term care resources to assist you with getting the conversation started. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Who Couldn't Use Extra Money in Time of Need?

We buy life insurance to provide financial security for our loved ones in the event of our death. With improvements in medicine, however, the recovery rate for once fatal conditions like cancer, heart attack, and stroke have improved dramatically. So what happens to that security if we don't die from a critical illness? 

Many people are not prepared for the financial fallout of a critical illness. Health insurance doesn't cover everything and higher deductibles and general healthcare costs are adding stress to people’s lives and budgets. Help your clients and prospects fill the financial gap with critical illness insurance. Offer them more than money... Give them options, choices, and control when they feel they have none.

The Critical Illness sales market is predicted to grow 22%* annually. If you are interested in double-digit sales growth, you should be looking at adding critical illness insurance to your portfolio. 

Critical Illness is available as an independent policy or can be added to some life insurance policies as a living benefit rider. Talk to your MVP representative about easing financial worries for your clients by offering them critical illness coverage today. 

*“2018 U.S. Critical Illness Insurance Market Study Shows Continued Strong Growth.” Gen Re, Sept. 11, 2018